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Distance Learning Doctor of Audiology – Overview

The University of Florida Working Professional Doctor of Audiology Degree Program welcomes you to explore our unique program. The University of Florida is an educational leader of the AuD movement, and we offer an academically demanding program that includes all the support you need for success. Our alumni form a network of over 1200 graduates who realize the value of the AuD degree in their professional lives every day.

The University of Florida offers an educational experience that is second to none. Our goal isn’t simply to provide you a top-notch degree program; we strive to offer knowledge that will help you provide exemplary clinical services with confidence and respect. The University of Florida Doctor of Audiology program has a mission to advance your professional skills and autonomy to benefit audiology patients everywhere.

Please let us know when you are ready to get started on your way to a Doctor of Audiology degree. If you have any questions about the program or how to get started, the UF Au.D. Program Office is here to help you.

Applied Knowledge for Today’s Practitioner

The Distance Learning Au.D. Degree is a flexible program designed to provide working professional audiologists with the complex and diverse skills necessary to meet the challenges of the dynamic healthcare marketplace. The program combines the professional experience of the College of Public Health and Health Professions with the academic excellence of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences to provide an opportunity for working professionals to enhance their clinical skills and knowledge.

Flexible and Convenient Delivery – Designed for Working Professionals

The program utilizes the latest in distance learning technology to provide students access to course materials, lectures, peers, professors, and university resources. This allows professional audiologists across the nation to participate in a leading edge educational program without sacrificing their careers. Our program has been completed by over 1200 audiologists nationwide and is highly regarded as educationally rigorous, enjoyable, and rewarding.

Communities of Practice – The Leading Edge in Professional Skills Development

The hallmark of the program is our ability to unite audiologists from around the country in online discussions about topics central to our profession. Each student is part of a regional community of audiologists. Each of these communities is lead by a Learning Group Facilitator. This doctoral-level audiology professional leads weekly online “chat” sessions, and supports the student’s academic needs throughout the course.

Each student and each learning group follow the same weekly lesson plan. This unites students in their regional learning communities with a strong sense of purpose. The skills of each individual are enhanced in all subject areas through the dynamic interaction of audiology practitioners. Students are continually engaged in the give and take of sharing best practices.

Download “Communities of Practice” [from Audiology Today, Volume 14 Number 4 – .pdf file]